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The Xmas wishes are now with the Sziget Angels! They are looking through all wishes very carefully and we will let you know shortly who are the lucky ones!
Make a wish!
After your dreaming phase let us know your wish in 300 characters! The more creative, the better! Check wishes that were chosen previously by the Sziget angels!
Place your star on the Sziget sky!
Let your star-formed dream hit the sky and shine the Island next to the wishes of your fellow Szitizens!
Share your wish!
Share your Christmas Sziget wish and encourage your friends to place a star as well. The best gift you can give someone is help their wish come true!
When the dreams come true...
The Sziget angels will select a wide number of wishes to come true at #Sziget2017!
Wishes that came true in the previous years:
Dear Santa Claus, please bring me a Szitizen-man suit so I'll be able to take care of all the island of freedom inhabitants.
Szanta, please organize a grillparty for at least 10 nearest tents to mine, so i can get better to know all my perfect neighbours!
I would like to be a road at one of the Main Stage concerts. I would carry like couple of cables or guitars on stage. I think it’s cool ?
I wish a lovely romantic dinner with my girlfriend at the highest point where we can see the island
I wish for some cool Sziget camping chairs and tiny pool to chill a little bit in the slightly tough Sziget-mornings! :)
Hope you have a place where I can rest nicely cuz I'm heading there by bicycle. almost 2k km